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Treatment available for painful stress fractures

01st October 2014
This surgical procedure is very successful in professional and amateur athletes at healing stress fractures in the spine (Spondylolysis).
It has a 90% success rate of improving pain in the back and healing the fracture.

Typical symptoms in teenagers or young athletes are low back-pain on exercise (training or during matches) which prevents optimal sporting performance.

The patient often also has tight hamstrings and in severe cases pain is also present during activities of daily living.

Dan Fagan has performed this operation successfully many times for both professional and academy athletes.

He is the only surgeon in the North of England and Yorkshire who performs this operation regularly.

If you are a young man or woman with persistent low back pain which is hampering your sports career or activity, telephone 07539 330360 for an appointment.

Alternatively kindly ask your General Practitioner to send a referral letter addressed to Mr Fagan at SpineArt and come for a consultation to see if we can help.

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