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I had suffered from years of debilitating back pain, which at times made life impossible. After asking around friends, colleagues, and importantly, a senior doctor who had personally had treatment from Dan, I was referred right away. I was particulaly impressed by the thought that went into the ...
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Patient film for Lindsay Long ...
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In this film Amanda tells her story and how she overcame her spinal problems that had caused her years of torment and pain.    ...
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Having lost all power to my arm under a heavy load to my neck,  Mr Fagan located the root of the problem to my C5/C6 vertebra. Early in 2013, I underwent double Anterior Cervical Discectomy  and Fusion operation to the spine in my neck. I have to say the ...
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During 2011 I started to develop pain in my neck and shoulder.  Over a period of months it increased in intensity and I developed pins and needles running down my left arm, through to the end of my fingers.  This could come on for no apparent reason, and could be triggered by e...
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Please read Lynn's story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2316884/Me-operation-Injecting-cement-spine-repaired-crumbly-bones.html ...
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In the summer of 2008 I began to experience pain in my lower back. It soon worsened to a point where I could only manage to walk about a hundred yards before excruciating pain would render me incapable of carrying on. The only relief was to stop and sit down. I often found that having...
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I visited Mr Fagan last year following a long history of back pain and two failed operations. The last operation in November left me with constant severe back pain. I was given several different types of treatment (which all failed) and was even referred to a pain clinic as it was thought...
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When I first met Mr Daniel Fagan I was desperate. I had suffered two previous, major spine operations which were supposed to have corrected my scoliosis. I was left in excruciating pain, could not stand upright and had to use a wheelchair as walking was unbearable! I was devastated an...
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I had been suffering from acute lower back pain for several years. As a serving soldier in the Armed Forces this greatly affected my ability to carry out my duties as well as being extremely uncomfortable and debilitating. Spells of rest and Physiotherapy began to make no difference at al...
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