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Frequently Asked Questions

Spine surgery, what can I expect?

How to get in touch

What is the best way to get in touch?

Where can I see Mr Fagan at a Private Clinic?

When can I see Mr Fagan

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Payment and funding

Can I pay for my own treatment?

Whom do I pay for my initial consultation with Mr Fagan?

Does my package price for surgery include follow up?

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Surgery procedure

What is Minimal Access Surgery?

Do I need to take my painkillers following surgery?

What are the advantages of Minimal Access Surgery?

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Postoperative care

How long will I be in hospital following my operation?

Will I have stitches to come out after surgery?

Once i’ve have had my surgery, How do I arrange a follow up?

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Mr Fagans experience

What is Mr Fagan's average length of stay for my Lumbar Discectomy?

Has Mr Fagan done a lot of operations to help people?

Can I see Mr Fagan at the Nuffield Tees Hospital?

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Are all surgical procedures covered by all insurers?

I have private health insurance - can I see Mr Fagan?

Can Mr Fagan see scans done in other institutuons on the BMI Woodlands PACS system?

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