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Real-life patient testimonials following spine surgery at SpineArt

Patient Story: Lindsay Long

Beginning your journey to fix your spinal problem’s can be a daunting task. Hear about how Lindsay’s journey and how their lives were improved through taking control of the situation.

In September 2012 I started with sciatic pain in my left leg. I had suffered with it some six years ago, which cleared up by itself in about eight weeks. However this latest problem persisted. I was being treated with strong co-codamol for pain relief and sent for physiotherapy at our local hospital. All this brought no relief. I was feeling very low at this time, having been involved with agriculture all my life, unable to enjoy a day’s work. I was also having great discomfort in the evenings and having trouble sleeping – so much so that I had to often take co-codamol twice during the night! I searched on the web and found Mr Fagan through the Duchy Hospital Harrogate website. I made an appointment and Mr Fagan seemed confident that he could do something to help me.

I had an MRI scan almost right away and was booked for a steroid injection in my back (a foraminal epidural DF). For seven weeks I had good relief of my pain, but unfortunately the symptoms returned. I went back to see Mr Fagan who recommended a small operation on my spine – an L4/L5 decompression, which he did in early September. It brought me immediate relief and I now enjoy a pain free active life! I am so grateful to Mr Fagan and his team. His manner is first class and I felt reassured that I would be likely to have a successful outcome.


Did I want to spend the rest of my life in pain? In reality I knew it was sensible to go ahead with the operation. I walked down to the operating theatre first thing on 10 January 2013 and was back on the ward by 11 AM. To my surprise, I did not need to wear a neck collar, and was discharged home from hospital the following morning on the 11th.12 weeks on my recovery continues with physiotherapy exercises and I am now back to work.

In terms of outcomes I am very happy that I am no longer in pain.
Occasionally I get a slight sensation of numbness which is part of the healing process. ometimes you don’t realise how much being in pain impacts on your life: In retrospect I had noticed that I had stopped playing pool and hugging my family and friends due to pain before the operation. I am now pleased to be able to do these things again! These are only two small examples, but nevertheless they demonstrate it was worth it.

Thanks to Dan and his team!


After asking around friends, colleagues, and importantly, a senior doctor who had personally had treatment from Dan, I was referred right away. I was particulaly impressed by the thought that went into the process prior to opting for surgery. Various diagnostic spinal injections were tried with some success but the symptoms kept returning. I felt that this was important because I have known people who have been given long term relief from spinal injections, but I was also worried about the complexity of surgery.
Ultimately surgery was decided upon and the whole procedure (A double level spinal fusion from L4 to S1) and recovery went exactly as Dan had described to me. I have to say that I was well looked after by Dan and I felt in safe hands throughout.

The team had me on my feet and walking un-aided within 24 hours!
Post surgery I have followed my exercise program to the letter, and by my six month review had tracked over 400 miles on Run Keeper! (Walking of course!) Yes this is major surgery, but be confident that you are in great professional hands, and it is only done when other less invasive procedures have been ruled out.


Patient Story: Amanda Garbutt

Find out about Amanda’s personal experince with the her surgery and the process or recovery.

“I was chatting with my colleagues at work – I explained to them that having an operation with Mr Fagan was easier than changing my Broadband provider!This made me laugh in clinic last week. David has had a great result from his recent discectomy operation and was clearly pleased. I think we’ve all tried to change our broadband providers at one time or another!”


“Julie has had a great result following treatment for her severe sacro-iliac pain.
She is clearly delighted in the video link above that her pain levels have come down and she is able to walk much more easily with less pain. Also typical of her sacro iliac pain was difficulty sitting, which is also much better following her day case surgery.”


Having lost all power to my arm under a heavy load to my neck, Mr Fagan located the root of the problem to my C5/C6 vertebra. Early in 2013, I underwent double Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion operation to the spine in my neck. I have to say the procedure and experience went very well. Seemingly with the minimal incision to my neck expediting my recovery.

The scar from the surgery has virtually disappeared now and my whole neck feels brand new.


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