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You can make an appointment via telephone: 07539 330360

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Email: secretary@spineart.org

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What is the best way to get in touch?

With Beverley my Practice Manager. Her contact details are listed on every page of the site in the blue box on the left. You can contact her on 07539 330360 or email secretary@spineart.org

How else can we get in touch?

You can use the web based enquiry forms at various places on the site, or email enquiries@spineart.org These enquiries will be answered by email.

Do I need a referral from my Doctor to see Mr Fagan?

Usually Yes. Self Funding private patients do not, but insured patients will need a referral from their doctor. Physiotherapists commonly refer to me and this is encouraged. This also applies to Chiropractors and Osteopaths - referrals from all are welcome.

Where can I see Mr Fagan at a Private Clinic?

Your nearest clinic location can be found at the foot of the page under locations. Mr Fagan consults at BMI Woodlands Hospital Darlington,The BMI Duchy Hospital, Harrogate and Nuffield Tees Hospital Stockton.

When can I see Mr Fagan - When are his Private Clinics?

Tuesday morning or afternoon at BMI Duchy Harrogate. Tuesday or Wednesday morning at Nuffield Tees Hospital. Wednesday afternoon or Friday morning at BMI Woodlands hospital Darlington.

I am a Physiotherapist seeing private patients - How can I refer to Mr Fagan

You can refer directly to Mr Fagan by fax, email or surface mail to his practice address listed on the site. His Practice Manager is Beverley, accompanied by her team who will be happy to assist you. Mr Fagan sees and treats all areas of the spine with no commissioning restrictions and will be pleased to hear from you.

I am an Osteopath or Chiropractor - Can I refer to Mr Fagan directly?

Yes you can. I welcome private referrals from you and will offer a prompt and courteous service to your patients who will be returned safely to you.

What procedures does Mr Fagan perform privately?

All of the interventions listed on the site. Feel free to browse. You can contact Mr Fagan or his team via the contact pages embedded in the site. We will soon get back to you.

What is Minimal Access Surgery?

This is also known as Minimally Invasive Surgery. It is an operation conducted through a smaller incision than usual or via a special portal(retractor system). In spinal surgery it does not usually involve a telescope or 'scope as in general surgery(so called 'key hole surgery'. Instead we use X-ray guidance.

What are the advantages of Minimal Access Surgery?

Because the incisions are smaller, the postoperative recovery is quicker and you will be in less pain. People return to work more quickly and rehabilitate faster. There is also less blood loss during the procedure and a lower infection rate.

Is everyone suitable for Minimal Access Surgery (MIS for short)?

Unfortunately not, Mr Fagan will discuss this with you during your consultation. He still performs successful 'open' procedures every week.

How long will I be in hospital following my operation?

Mr Fagan offers an enhanced recovery protocol. This means that you will only be in hospital overnight following a fenestration discectomy, one night following an MIS fusion, two nights following an open lumbar fusion, one night following neck surgery. Injections are home within 30 minutes the same day.

When can I drive following my procedure?

The Law states that a person may drive when they themselves feel safe and in control of the car. This will usually be from 1-2 weeks following a fenestration discectomy. 2-6 weeks following a Lumbar Spinal Fusion. 2-6 weeks following a Neck operation. However - these are not fixed and depend on the individual being 'safe and in control of the car' which is your responsibility, as the patient to decide in Law. Please Note: You cannot drive yourself home following a day-case injection even if you feel well enough to do so. You must get someone to drive you.

Will I have stitches to come out after surgery?

No. Mr Fagan uses absorbable sutures which dissolve themselves after 2 weeks.

When will I see Mr Fagan again following my procedure?

Six weeks is the usual time for follow up. If you are worried in the meantime you can contact his practice on 07539 330360 or email secretary@spineart.org to make an early appointment.

Will I see anyone else after surgery?

Yes. You will see the experienced nurses for a wound check at intervals after surgery. You will also see a member of the physiotherapy team for gentle rehabilitation from two weeks onwards. They will help to keep an eye on you.

Do I need to take my painkillers following surgery?

Yes. In the short term you will need some analgesia for postoperative discomfort. As you get better, you can reduce your painkillers slowly and gradually.

Once I have had my surgery, How do I arrange a follow up?

My practice manager will send you a routine appointment by email, text message or post. You can ring her at Spine Art on 07539 330360 or email secretary@spineart.org to change it or confirm.

I need to get in touch with Mr Fagan urgently - how do I do this?

In office hours (08.30 - 16.30) please call Beverley my practice manager. She will know where to reach me. Out of office hours please call the BMI Woodlands switchboard on 01325 341700, or Nufield Tees Hospital on 01642 360100 who will put you through to a nurse who be able to help.

As a Referring Doctor or Specialist Practitioner, do I need to send MRI scans with the patient?

In some cases an MRI scan will have been obtained in another institution prior to referral. In these cases I would be very grateful if you could send a copy of the MRI SCAN itself rather than just the report. I am happy to accept private referrals without an MRI - it is sometimes easier to obtain the scan myself at BMI Woodlands with the on-site scanner and PACS system.

Can Mr Fagan see scans done in other institutuons on the BMI Woodlands PACS system?

No. All imaging done in other institutions needs to be sent on CD ROM with the referral please to BMI Woodlands. The images will then be uploaded without delay and available for your patients consultation with Mr Fagan.

Can I pay for my own treatment?

Of course you can. You are not restricted to the NHS if you are not insured but have independent means. You can take control of your own health by choosing to see Mr Fagan and having rapid access to expert assessment and treatment. Your surgeon Mr Fagan is wholly responsible for your care and your contract is with him, not the hospital provider. The services offered vary between hospital providers for their component of the package price. Mr Fagan's commitment to giving you a good result and fee remains the same.

How do I make arrangements for funding my own treatment?

First contact Mr Fagan's practice on 07539 330360. You can then see Mr Fagan as a self funder. If an operation or injection is needed, the package prices can be found below in the FAQ section you are looking at. These are all inclusive of surgical and anaesthetic fees but please note that Mr Fagan's fee is paid separately and directly to SpineArt Ltd at the time of booking. The balance is then due to the hospital providing the theatre space and resources to Mr Fagan for your stay. Mr Fagan has an open and transparent fee policy and welcomes any questions you may have.

As a self funder, will there be additional costs for treatment?

No. The package price includes all costs, including the very unlikely event of an extra stay in hospital or treatment of a complication. Most of Mr Fagan's patients only stay 1 night in hospital! However do read and check the patient information given by your chosen hospital provider as this can vary. The contract of care remains consistent and lies solely with Mr Fagan and SpineArt ltd.

As a self funder, does the hospital package include Mr Fagan's fee and the Anaesthetist's fee?

Yes it does. Please feel free to discuss any of these prices with your surgeon, Mr Fagan.

I am insured with Bupa - does my policy cover Mr Fagan's fee in full?

Yes. Dan Fagan is pleased to say that he is a Bupa Premier Consultant partner and his expert fees will normally be covered.

I am insured with AXA-PPP, will Mr Fagan's fees be paid in full


I am insured with Cigna - Will Mr Fagan's fees be paid in full by my insurer?

Yes. As with any insurance policy, you may have an excess to pay your insurer depending upon the individual policy.

I am insured with Aviva - will my insurance cover consultations and treatment with Mr Fagan?

No.There may be a shortfall to pay for surgery.

I am insured with WPA - will my consultations and any treatment be covered in full?

Yes. There will be no shortfall to pay.

I have private health insurance - can I see Mr Fagan?

Of course. He is registered with all UK insurance companies. His expert fees are covered in full by most insurance policies. Depending upon individual policies, there may be an excess to pay to your insurer or a cost sharing with your insurer. You will not be asked normally to pay a shortfall by Spine Art.

Are all surgical procedures covered by all insurers?

Almost always. In the event of Mr Fagan recommending treatment you will be given a code. You will need to check with your individual insurer. Mr Fagan offers the most up to date procedures possible and in some rare cases these will not be covered by insurers selling cheaper policies.

Can I see my regular physiotherapist after my procedure?

Of course. Mr Fagan will be very happy to write to them to keep them informed of your treatment progress.

I need to pay Mr Fagan and Spine Art - how can I do this?

Please send a cheque payable to Spine Art Ltd at 1 Mill Wynd, Yarm. TS15 9AF. You can also pay directly by credit or debit card over the telephone on 07539 330360.

What are Mr Fagan's Infection rates?

His rates of postoperative infection are continuously audited. The actual rate is less than 3%, which is very low.

What are Mr Fagan's rates of Deep Vein Thrombosis?

Very low at less than 0.5%

What are Mr Fagan's success rates for Fenestration Disc Fragmentectomy or "Discectomy" for short?

85-90% chance of improvement in pain caused by the slipped disc.

What are Mr Fagan's success rates for Balloon Kyphoplasty?

86% of patients get an excellent result measured with patient centred outcome measures.

How much does it cost for a Foraminal Epidural Injection to treat a slipped disc causing nerve root pain (A5290) ?

A single injection costs 1437. This sum includes Mr Fagan's fee. It is performed as a day-case and sounds expensive but requires the use of the operating theatre, staff and image guidance during the procedure.

What is the package price for a Lumbar Discectomy to treat my slipped disc (V2542) ?

From 9631 to 10391. Please note that this inclusive price includes Mr Fagan's fee but this is paid separately to SpineArt Ltd at the time of booking and the balance is due to the treating hospital provider.

What is the package price for a Lumbar Spinal Fusion to treat my chronic back pain?

From 19125 to 19920 depending on implants and hospital services provider. Mr Fagan's fee is the same and whilst included in this figure is paid separately to SpineArt ltd at the time of booking. The remainder is then due to the hospital provider.

What is the price for a Balloon Kyphoplasty to treat an osteoporotic fracture (V4451) ?

From 11057 depending on number of levels needed for treatment.

What is the fee for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion to treat a slipped disc in the neck (V2950) ?

From 14870 to 15142 depending on the nature of the surgery and hospital services provider. Mr Fagan's fee is included in the example shown but is paid separately at the point of booking.

What is Mr Fagan's average length of stay for my Lumbar Discectomy?

Overnight only.

What is Mr Fagan's length of hospital stay for my Lumbar Spinal Fusion?

24-48 Hours only.

What is Mr Fagan's average length of stay in hospital for my Minimal Access Lumbar Spinal Fusion?

1 Day

What is Mr fagan's average length of stay (LOS) for my neck operation?

Overnight only.

What is Mr Fagan's average length of stay (LOS) for my Balloon Kyphoplasty?

This can be done as a day-case but some people prefer an overnight stay.

What is the fee for lumbar facet injections (A5760)

From 2212 to 2806 depending on the number of levels to be injected and hospital provider. Mr Fagan's fee remains the same and is included in the listed price but paid separately to SpineArt Ltd at the time of booking.

how much is a total disc replacement operation?

From 15142 to 16555 as a package price.

What is the package fee for sacro iliac injections (A5790)

From 1681 to 2334 depending upon the hospital providing theatre facilities.

What is the package price for Minimal Access Lumbar Fusion (V3362)

Total cost is from 19125 to 19920. Mr Fagan's fee is included in this price but paid separately to SpineArt Ltd at the time of booking. The balance is due to the hospital in due course.

Does my package price for surgery include follow up?

No - follow up in outpatients is billed separately at 150 pounds per visit.Follow up fees are paid directly to Spineart. The package price includes all inpatient costs per care episode. This is paid to BMI or Nuffield Hospitals group. Whilst the price quoted includes Mr Fagan's fee, this is paid directly to SpineArt Ltd. before booking.

How much are Mr Fagan's consultation Fees?

300 for a new patient consultation. This normally lasts for 30 minutes and will include review of any available investigations such as MRI scans. A follow up consultation is billed at 175. This is usually a 15 minute slot for discussion of investigation results or follow up after a procedure.

Whom do I pay for my initial consultation with Mr Fagan?

SpineArt Ltd directly. These fees should not be paid to BMI or Nuffield Health.

Has Mr Fagan done a lot of operations to help people?

Yes. More than 1000 procedures.

Can I see Mr Fagan at the Nuffield Tees Hospital?

Yes of course. He consults there every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.