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Postoperative care

Mr Fagan offers an enhanced recovery protocol. This means that you will only be in hospital overnight following a fenestration discectomy, one night following an MIS fusion, two nights following an open lumbar fusion, one night following neck surgery. Injections are home within 30 minutes the same day.

The Law states that a person may drive when they themselves feel safe and in control of the car. This will usually be from 1-2 weeks following a fenestration discectomy. 2-6 weeks following a Lumbar Spinal Fusion. 2-6 weeks following a Neck operation. However – these are not fixed and depend on the individual being ‘safe and in control of the car’ which is your responsibility, as the patient to decide in Law. Please Note: You cannot drive yourself home following a day-case injection even if you feel well enough to do so. You must get someone to drive you.

No. Mr Fagan uses absorbable sutures which dissolve themselves after 2 weeks.

Six weeks is the usual time for follow up. If you are worried in the meantime you can contact his practice on 07539 330360 or email secretary@spineart.org to make an early appointment.

Yes. You will see the experienced nurses for a wound check at intervals after surgery. You will also see a member of the physiotherapy team for gentle rehabilitation from two weeks onwards. They will help to keep an eye on you.

Yes. In the short term you will need some analgesia for postoperative discomfort. As you get better, you can reduce your painkillers slowly and gradually.

My practice manager will send you a routine appointment by email, text message or post. Alternativly you can use our online booking system Call us on 07539 330360 or email secretary@spineart.org to change it or confirm.

Of course. Mr Fagan will be very happy to write to them to keep them informed of your treatment progress.

1 Day.

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