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Surgery procedure

All of the interventions listed on the site. Feel free to browse. You can contact Mr Fagan or his team via the contact pages embedded in the site. We will soon get back to you.

This is also known as Minimally Invasive Surgery. It is an operation conducted through a smaller incision than usual or via a special portal(retractor system). In spinal surgery it does not usually involve a telescope or ‘scope as in general surgery (so called ‘key hole surgery’. Instead we use X-ray guidance.

Because the incisions are smaller, the postoperative recovery is quicker and you will be in less pain. People return to work more quickly and rehabilitate faster. There is also less blood loss during the procedure and a lower infection rate.

Unfortunately not, Mr Fagan will discuss this with you during your consultation. He still performs successful ‘open’ procedures every week.

His rates of postoperative infection are continuously audited. The actual rate is less than 3%, which is very low.

Very low at less than 0.5%

85-90% chance of improvement in pain caused by the slipped disc.

86% of patients get an excellent result measured with patient centered outcome measures.

Overnight only.

24-48 Hours only.

Overnight only.

This can be done as a day-case but some people prefer an overnight stay.

Yes of course. He consults there every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

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