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How Can Spine Art Help You?

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“I remember I was struck by Mr Fagan’s' quiet, knowledgeable attitude and his attention to detail.
I knew then that I could trust him

Robert, patient

Spine Art is an organisation which provides access to the highest quality services to treat painful and debilitating spinal conditions for patients across the North East including Teesside, Durham, Washington, Leeds and Yorkshire.

Speed of treatment is often a factor in making a rapid recovery and a quick return to work.

The most common complaint that brings people to see the Principal Surgeon Mr Fagan is a slipped disc or disc herniation (protrusion), spinal stenosis, back pain or sciatica caused by osteoarthritis of the spine, disc degeneration or spondylosis. He also sees patients with neck pain and offers treatments such as disc replacement and neck surgery with good outcomes.

Spinal rehabilitation including physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, osteopathy hydrotherapy, pain management strategies and even psychology can all play a successful role.

However a significant number of people do need the intervention of a modern, ethical and robust surgical practice, and that is where Mr Fagan’s expertise of over 25 years of surgical practice comes in.

He has a sympathetic, thorough and logical approach to investigation and diagnosis of your problem.

Mr Fagan then has an individualised approach which is likely to involve simple, safe and quick spinal injection treatment as a day case. He has much success with these.

If spinal surgery proves to be indicated Mr Fagan will offer you an operation that is tailored to your own condition and will be aimed at giving you the best possible results.

This could include fenestration disc fragmentectomy or discectomy, percutaneous discectomy surgery (laser discectomy), minimally invasive or open fusion surgery, or any of the other advanced procedures which can be read about on the site.

Take back control of your life from the inactivity and stress of pain: 
Make an appointment with Spine Art to see Mr Fagan at the Duchy Hospital Harrogate,Yorkshire HG2 0HF, Woodlands Hospital Darlington DL1 4PL or Nuffield Tees Hospital TS20 1PX.

More information on these procedures can be found on the British Association of Spinal Surgeons website https://spinesurgeons.ac.uk/Booklets