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Sacro-Iliac Joint Fusion

Pain coming from the sacro iliac joints is very common. Usually it seems to be back pain and can also radiate down the legs like back pain. This can mimic sciatica or be felt as pain in the groin and anterior thigh like hip arthritis.
Treatment other than physiotherapy or chiropractic manipulation has been lacking traditionally, with many doctors unable to recognise or treat it.
Mr Fagan has been successfully treating this condition since 2008 and is the only surgeon in the region to offer percutaneous day case surgery regularly for sacro iliac joint pain (once non operative methods have failed).
Most patients only need a single course of injections to improve matters however, and it is rare to need an operation (90% don't need one!).

Please contact Bev on 07539330360 if you have sacro iliac or back pain and we can assess you and see where it's coming from.

Please see the testimonial section for two brief patient stories.

More information about sacro iliac pain, diagnosis and treatment can be found at www.si-bone.com.