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We at SpineArt will provide you with safe and effective care for your spinal condition as governed by UK law and regulated by the General Medical Council and CQC.

Your treatment will be evidence based and taking note of current guidance from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and National Backpain Pathways.

Before any treatment is agreed to, Mr Fagan will carefully discuss this with you as part of the detailed consent process. To proceed you will need to sign your consent form to say that you understand the procedure and any alternatives and agree to go ahead.

Spine Art Limited and Dan Fagan (Consultant Spinal Surgeon) and his employee(s) may require access to my previous medical records held by my GP or hospital consultant and/or previous images (CT/MRI/X-rays).

For the purposes of my treatment pathway, SpineArt Ltd may wish to communicate with my GP, my hospital consultant(s), and any other professional involved in my care including (but not limited to) osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor, as named in my verbal and written communication with SpineArt Ltd.

All information given during your consultation is strictly confidential and no-one has authority to access it without your permission.

I understand that my private health insurance company may need to have access to my medical records held by SpineArt Limited with my permission.

Under SpineArt’s Privacy Policy I understand that I can change my mind about my rights at any time in the future, by providing a written communication to Spine Art Ltd.

A fee agreement may be in place with some insurers which requires co-payment for SpineArt services. The practice manager will keep you informed before any appointments or treatments are made if this is the case, and you will be able to decide whether to proceed, being fully informed at every stage.

I agree to pay all fees invoiced for my treatment episode as they fall due to Mr. Fagan at SpineArt Ltd. Please note that this also applies to insured patients where an excess exists in their claim (or a bill remains unpaid by an insurer or underwriter), and patients hoping to have their treatments funded by a third party such as a solicitor.

The legally binding contract for services exists between the patient and his treating consultant, not the treating consultant and the insurer.

Please read all hospital information about your care episode carefully. The hospital is responsible for providing you with satisfactory care and services under the terms of its own contract with you, governed and regulated by the CQC or Care Quality Commission.

SpineArt Ltd bills separately from the hospital groups for services rendered, any online payments made through the website are for SpineArt and Mr. Fagan’s fees only. The hospital fees fall due prior to the hospital procedure under the Hospital’s own separate terms & conditions.

SpineArt Ltd does not act as an agent for, or represent the hospital group in any way, as part of this obligation.

SpineArt Ltd and its employees do not accept clinical or legal responsibility for any unsolicited patient contact or materials sent to the practice.

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