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Amy walking easily following surgery The above video link shows another of my patients walking normally following day surgery for her severe sacro iliac pain. Previously she was limping heavily and unable to exercise. She is now back at the gym and taking ballet classes. ...
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Julie talking about her sacro iliac fusion Julie has had a great result following treatment for her severe sacro-iliac pain. She is clearly delighted in the video link above that her pain levels have come down and she is able to walk much more easily with less pain. Also ty...
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"I was chatting with my colleagues at work - I explained to them that having an operation with Mr Fagan was easier than changing my Broadband provider!" Mr Fagan writes: This made me laugh in clinic last week. David has had a great result from his recent discectomy operation and was clearly ...
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I had suffered from years of debilitating back pain, which at times made life impossible. After asking around friends, colleagues, and importantly, a senior doctor who had personally had treatment from Dan, I was referred right away. I was particulaly impressed by the thought that went into the ...
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Patient film for Lindsay Long ...
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In this film Amanda tells her story and how she overcame her spinal problems that had caused her years of torment and pain.    ...
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Relief from sciatic pain! In September 2012 I started with sciatic pain in my left leg. I had suffered with it some six years ago, which cleared up by itself in about eight weeks. However this latest problem persisted. I was being treated with strong co-codamol for pain relief and sent for ph...
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Having lost all power to my arm under a heavy load to my neck,  Mr Fagan located the root of the problem to my C5/C6 vertebra. Early in 2013, I underwent double Anterior Cervical Discectomy  and Fusion operation to the spine in my neck. I have to say the ...
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During 2011 I started to develop pain in my neck and shoulder.  Over a period of months it increased in intensity and I developed pins and needles running down my left arm, through to the end of my fingers.  This could come on for no apparent reason, and could be triggered by e...
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Having endured several years of intermittent pain in my buttock and leg, the problem intensified  to the point where I couldn’t walk very far without the pain bringing me to a standstill, and as I enjoy playing golf in my spare time, something had to be done! My GP r...
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