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"I was chatting with my colleagues at work - I explained to them that having an operation with Mr Fagan was easier than changing my Broadband provider!" Mr Fagan writes: This made me laugh in clinic last week. David has had a great result from his recent discectomy operation and was clearly ...
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Relief from sciatic pain! In September 2012 I started with sciatic pain in my left leg. I had suffered with it some six years ago, which cleared up by itself in about eight weeks. However this latest problem persisted. I was being treated with strong co-codamol for pain relief and sent for ph...
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Having endured several years of intermittent pain in my buttock and leg, the problem intensified  to the point where I couldn’t walk very far without the pain bringing me to a standstill, and as I enjoy playing golf in my spare time, something had to be done! My GP r...
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After many years of suffering from back pains and taking numerous pain killers I was eventually referred to Mr Fagan by Melanie at Hundens Lane Clinic. You recommended injections, which you personally gave me, and I was absolutely amazed. The pain was instantly improved to the point where I was ...
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I was out walking my dog and as I was climbing over a fence, I fell backwards, landing heavily on a stony track. At first I could not move and was taken to hospital by excellent ambulance staff. My pain was excruciating but my X-ray was said to be clear so I was sent home. ...
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It is with great pleasure I write to you on my wife’s behalf with regard to the all the years she has suffered a great deal of pain with her back. Going back many years Chris has had a lot of problems and pain in her back, we have changed our bed 5 times hoping this would ease her pain, we hav...
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