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Having endured several years of intermittent pain in my buttock and leg, the problem intensified  to the point where I couldn’t walk very far without the pain bringing me to a standstill, and as I enjoy playing golf in my spare time, something had to be done!

My GP referred me to Daniel Fagan to see if he could help me.  
An MRI scan revealed that I had a nerve trapped by a disc in my spine.  
We opted to try a foraminal epidural injection, which worked well and gave me relief for so long, but surgery was necessary to effect a permanent relief (in the form of a fenestration disc fragmentectomy).

Having great faith in Mr Fagan, I went ahead with the operation and, as he told my wife and I prior to surgery, he was true to his word that I would walk out of hospital unaided the day following surgery.

Now today, as I write this expression of appreciation, I have played my first game of golf following the operation 3 months ago.

It is all thanks to my genuine and caring consultant spinal surgeon.

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