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Relief from sciatic pain!

In September 2012 I started with sciatic pain in my left leg.
I had suffered with it some six years ago, which cleared up by itself in about eight weeks. However this latest problem persisted.
I was being treated with strong co-codamol for pain relief and sent for physiotherapy at our local hospital. All this brought no relief.
I was feeling very low at this time, having been involved with agriculture all my life, unable to enjoy a day's work.
I was also having great discomfort in the evenings and having trouble sleeping - so much so that I had to often take co-codamol twice during the night!
I searched on the web and found Mr Fagan through the Duchy Hospital Harrogate website.
I made  an appointment and Mr Fagan seemed confident that he could do something to help me.
I had an MRI scan almost right away and was booked for a steroid injection in my back (a foraminal epidural DF).
For seven weeks I had good relief of my pain, but unfortunately the symptoms returned.
I went back to see Mr Fagan who recommended a small operation on my spine - an L4/L5 decompression, which he did in early September.
It brought me immediate relief and I now enjoy a pain free active life!
I am so grateful to Mr Fagan and his team.
His manner is first class and I felt reassured that I would be likely to have a successful outcome.


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