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I had suffered from years of debilitating back pain, which at times made life impossible.

After asking around friends, colleagues, and importantly, a senior doctor who had personally had treatment from Dan, I was referred right away.
I was particulaly impressed by the thought that went into the process prior to opting for surgery.
Various diagnostic spinal injections were tried with some success but the symptoms kept returning.
I felt that this was important because I have known people who have been given long term relief from spinal injections, but I was also worried about the complexity of surgery.
Ultimately surgery was decided upon and the whole procedure (A double level spinal fusion from L4 to S1) and recovery went exactly as Dan had described to me.
I have to say that I was well looked after by Dan and I felt in safe hands throughout.
The team had me on my feet and walking un-aided within 24 hours!
Post surgery I have followed my exercise program to the letter, and by my six month review had tracked over 400 miles on Run Keeper! (Walking of course!)
Yes this is major surgery, but be confident that you are in great professional hands, and it is only done when other less invasive procedures have been ruled out.


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