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Did I want to spend the rest of my life in pain? In reality I knew it was sensible to go ahead with the operation. I walked down to the operating theatre first thing on 10 January 2013 and was back on the ward by 11 AM. To my surprise, I did not need to wear a neck collar, and was discharged home from hospital the following morning on the 11th.12 weeks on my recovery continues with physiotherapy exercises and I am now back to work.

In terms of outcomes I am very happy that I am no longer in pain.
Occasionally I get a slight sensation of numbness which is part of the healing process. ometimes you don’t realise how much being in pain impacts on your life: In retrospect I had noticed that I had stopped playing pool and hugging my family and friends due to pain before the operation. I am now pleased to be able to do these things again! These are only two small examples, but nevertheless they demonstrate it was worth it.

Thanks to Dan and his team!

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