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Disc Replacement in neck surgery

This is now a routine operation in the sphere of neck surgery which I perform regularly for patients with shooting arm pain and occasionally weakness or numbness of the arm or hand. 
These symptoms can also occur with neck pain, and if so, there is an excellent cance of making both better with an operation.

More rarely it can be used to treat cervical myelopathy causing numbness or weakness of arms or legs.
The disc replacement that I use has an excellent track record over 20 years.

It is made from Plasma coated titanium and the bearing surfaces are ceramic which means very low wear rates and no biologically harmful substances are generated.

It achieves best results in younger individuals with acute, soft disc protrusions who have no sign of wear in the tiny facet joints at the back of the spine. In other words patients who don't have a lot of neck pain due to osteoarthritis or wear and tear already.

It also achieves good results in more complex cases such as congenital segmental fusion or previous fusion surgery below.
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The package price for this procedure including the implant is 7533

The usual length of stay is overnight with discharge from hospital the following day.

By then you will be well enough to walk normally and carry out activities of daily living easily. Gentle walks are also encouraged.

Recovery takes about six weeks, most people are ready to return to work at that stage.

Gentle rehabilitation starts at 2-4 weeks for most.
For patients coming from elsewhere in the UK, Darlington is located on the East Coast Mainline, which runs an express service from Kings Cross in central London. This service takes just over 2 hours.

Private aircraft can be landed nearby at Teeside Airport 10minutes away.

Comfortable accomodation can be arranged at Rockliffe Hall luxury hotel if required.