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Surgery for Sciatica

Disc Fragmentectomy or commonly called "discectomy". 
This is done for sciatica (lumbar radiculopathy) in patients who don't have a lot of back pain due to osteoarthritis or wear and tear already.

This is an operation which has evolved significantly in recent times and carries excellent results. The goal is to remove a fragment of disc or disc protrusion which is causing severe leg (sciatica) and often back pain  due to spasm, by pressing on a nerve root in the spinal canal.

This operation can lead to problems of worsening postoperative back pain if it is performed through a big incision, a big hole is made in the back of the spine to access the disc or too much disc is removed. This was the case throughout the 1970's and 1980's. Some surgeons practising today still abide by these principles of maximum exposure.

If it is performed by Mr Fagan, he applies the principles of minimal soft tissue disruption, minimal muscle dissection through a small incision, special instruments to make a tiny portal in the back of the spine and removal of the loose fragment only.

This gives a 90% chance of improvement in leg pain and less than a 5% chance of postoperative back pain.

In surgery, success rates do not come better than this for any field.

Mr Fagan has performed this procedure successfully for professional athletes, people in high demand occupations, members of HM Forces.
All have enjoyed high success rates and early return to work.

The operation is performed as an overnight stay for patient comfort, and discharge is anticipated within 24 hours of surgery.

You will be mobile the same day after surgery, able to eat & drink, use the toilet. Hopefully most of your leg pain will be gone already.
surgery for sciatica,discectomy

If not, don't worry, it can rarely take a few days or weeks to settle fully.
You can then go home and see Mr Fagan in six weeks for a follow up.

During this time you will be looked after by one of Mr Fagan's trusted physiotherapy colleagues. It can take time for the stiffness in the back and leg muscles to resolve following a severe sciatica.

The package price for this procedure is 4930

Please contact Beverley on 07539 330 360 for further information.

Mr Fagan carries out these procedures at both the Duchy Hospital in Harrogate North Yorkshire and BMI Woodlands Hospital.