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Surgery for spinal stenosis

Patients with spinal stenosis commonly come to see Mr Fagan with leg pain when they walk.
Physiotherapy can help in the first instance but research tells us that a proportion of people with the condition will get worse over time (20 in 100 patients).

If you are one of these, you need specialist assessment and need treatment to stop you getting worse and make you better.

In the first instance spinal injections are very useful,which are simple and safe to do.
Obviously no one wants an operation unless they really need it, but many struggle on with pain and immobility under the misapprehension that nothing can be done.

Not so.
Surgery is performed through a very tiny incision, you only need an overnight stay and you will be home the following day - able to do all your normal activities of daily living.
Over the next two weeks you will recover and find that your leg pain which has stopped you from walking has gone. Success rates for this kind of procedure are 86% of people are better or with significant improvement in symptoms.
Most people are delighted.
This surgery is called a lumbar decompression and can be combined with a spinal fusion if needed for back pain.
Dan Fagan explains the treatment of spinal stenosis

Please contact Beverley my practice manager for an appointment to discuss your symptoms.