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Facet Joint Injection for back pain

Facet Joint pain can form part of an overall painful back segment or a prominent pain pattern in it's own right. Signs of wear in these joints are often visible on MRI and CT scans.
It can also manifest itself temporarily following successful fenestration disc fragmentectomy or decompression.
These patterns can be successfully diagnosed and treated with a safe and simple injection procedure.
NICE guidance recommends against these injections for chronic pain and this is the case in the UK.
However in cases of acute pain they can be combined with a back rehabilitation program and give excellent results.
Many patients find they are pain free for many weeks or months.
They are also particularly useful in complex patients with adult spinal deformity.
The procedure itself is done with X-ray guidance in the operating theatre.
A tiny 0.7mm diameter needle is inserted into each affected facet joint and a soothing solution of steroid and long acting local anaesthetic is injected.
Recovery time is swift and you can go home 30 minutes afterwards.
You cannot drive yourself home though, and you will see Mr Fagan at six weeks for a follow up.

Package price for this procedure starts at 1511.

Please contact Beverley on 07539 330 360 to arrange an appointment to see Mr Fagan and find out if this treatment is suitable for you.