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Nerve Root Block for sciatica

This is a very similar procedure to a foraminal epidural.
You will notice no difference as a patient to the experience noted in the previous section.
Technically the needle just enters the neural foramen (where the nerve root leaves the spine) far enough to soothe one nerve root only, as a very selective injection.
The needle is not advanced quite into the epidural space as it is with a foraminal epidural injection.
The other difference is that for S1 root, it must be approached through the S1 foramen rather than the L5.
Success rates are similarly high as foraminal epidurals at relieving pain.
Both these procedures can be as quick as 2 or 3 minutes, but it always takes a few minutes to set up with X-ray and get everything ready.
They are both performed in the operating theatre in a sterile environment.
After your procedure you will be able to go home after 30 minutes of observation. This is to look for any transient numbness or weakness of the leg, dizziness or headache.
These are rare and you will be likely to be keen to get home.
You are not permitted to drive yourself however, you must have someone to do that for you.
Other than this there are no special restrictions, and Mr Fagan will see you six weeks later for follow up.