Minimal Access Lumbar Spinal Fusion

This is an area of my special interest in spinal surgery. I have a large series of patients treated successfully for low back pain with this technique over the last 16 years of experience. It is used for patients with low back pain due to disc degeneration, lumbar osteoarthritis or lumbar spondylosis including facet joint arthritis.

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SpineArt surgery process for Minimal Access Lumbar Spinal Fusion

What is the process of this type of surgery?

It is possible to perform a lumbar spinal fusion through several small horizontal portals, 1-2 cm in length, thus avoiding a long incision and dissection of the muscle from the bone of the spine.

Highly engineered titanium implants are placed in the vertebrae of the spine across the painful spinal segment. This stops them from moving and improves the back pain. Specialised bio-engineered bone graft is placed through the portals which encourages your own bone cells to make bone to permanently fix the painful segment.

This is all done under image or x-ray guidance to ensure optimum placement.

This gives better results early on, with proven:

• Shorter length of stay in hospital following low back surgery.

• Quicker recovery times after operation.

• Faster return to work during recovery from lumbar surgery.

• Lower blood loss during the operation and faster recovery from fusion surgery.

• Lower infection rates.

Minimally invasive surgery for low back pain Mr Fagan’s patients are normally discharged the following day after their fusion surgery.

Recovery and rehabilitation is much quicker than open lumbar fusion surgery, with some of his self employed patients returning to work within 4 weeks. The usual recovery time following lumbar spinal fusion, TLIF or interbody fusion can be 3 months.

If you are self funding your surgery and have been offered open surgery with long recovery times, Dan Fagan is happy to offer a second opinion as to whether minimally invasive surgery is suitable for you. This surgery is performed with state of the art instruments from Depuy Synthes.

Minimal Access Lumbar Spinal Fusion

Minimal Access Lumbar Fusion

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure to join 2 or more bones of your spine together permanently.

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