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This innovative minimally invasive procedure has been around for some time but has been made much more effective by modern technological innovation. Mr Fagan first began performing these procedures in 2004 and has recently begun offering the procedure with plasma disc decompression or laser technol
Covid free Green Zones have now been established in the private hospital network. This allows elective surgery and procedures to resume safely for patients. If you have been struggling with pain or sciatica over the last few weeks, please get in touch by email to secretary@spineart.org or telephone
Mr Fagan is listed with www.newa.expert and is able to provide an expert opinion in civil litigation in all aspects of spinal surgery practice. In particular condition & prognosis reports for post injury neck pain, back pain, whiplash, spinal cord injury, spinal fractures and recovery from spina
A very useful way to see patients in the current climate. This is done via a professional platform called doxy.me and allows both Mr Fagan and the patient to have a video consultation and communicate (like skype, zoom or facetime) but also view MRI scans together as normal in a face to face consulta
If you require a prescription following your video consultation, Mr Fagan can prescribe electronically and have your medication delivered to you. Controlled drugs are excluded. The prescription fee is a reasonable 24.
The private sector has given over it's elective and hospital resources to help the NHS fight the coronavirus crisis. The practice remains open and can help with telemedicine or video consultations. These are also sometimes called remote consultations. A professional platform called doxy.me
Patients who are worried about coronavirus in the coming weeks will be able to arrange a video or online consultation with Mr Fagan. This will be pre-arranged by my practice manager as usual, and billed normally with your insurer at an agreed rate, or funded as self pay. Please ask Bev for deta
Found at  www.phin.org.uk Mr Fagan's operative data and prices can be found on this National independent network for comparison with other surgeons and institutions. PHIN weblink here
Mr Fagan is the only surgeon offering this successful percutaneous and minimal access surgery in the area. Patients often think their back is the source of the pain but careful examination and investigation reveals otherwise. Most patients (90%) in his own audit series get long term relief with
very soon a prescription service will be available to our patients whereby medication can be delivered directly to your door pre and postoperatively for analgesia. We are increasingly asked to provide prescriptions for our patients and this will make the process easy and fuss free. Please ask at
BUPA Open Referrals - 11 June 2018
If you are a BUPA patient you are entitled to see the consultant of your choice, on both one of the cheaper BUPA personal policies or corporate (employer based) policies. Please make sure you insist on seeing Mr Fagan at the point of referral and don't be afraid to ask.
Click on the link to privacy at the bottom of the page. Your consent will be asked for by signing the appropriate sections of the private patient agreement. This is sent out prior to any consultation with Mr Fagan or contact with SpineArt Ltd and should be returned.
Mr Fagan performed this procedure successfully today for one of his patients. It is a relatively new but well researched operation for helping otherwise untreatable or severe and persistent pain coming from the sacro-iliac joints. The operation is perfomed through a 2-3cm incision under X-ray gu
Please see the FAQ section for price information on common procedures performed by Mr Fagan. Please note that information on Mr Fagan's fees and how they are charged are clearly visible in the FAQ section. All his fees for services provided are due directly to SpineArt ltd not to BMI or
Soon you will be able to see data about your private hospital and surgeon on line through this audit network.(PHIN for short) It will initially provide information about complication rates from surgery but may go on to show patient reported outcome measures for patients having spinal surgery in the
Treatment of Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression fractures - Application of clinical crieria in practice
Two recommendations have been made by the Competetion and Markets Authority regarding the quality of information given to patients about fees. These become legally binding for private practice providers from October 2014 to December 2016. They are : 1) Consultants are required to provide
Dan Fagan is pleased to offer his patients consultations and treatment at the Nuffield Tees hospital every Wednesday. Mr Fagan began his private practive there in 2007 and is looking forward to working with all the staff there once more. This location may be more convenient for patients coming f
This surgical procedure is very successful in professional and amateur athletes at healing stress fractures in the spine (Spondylolysis). It has a 90% success rate of improving pain in the back and healing the fracture. Typical symptoms in teenagers or young athletes are low back-pain on ex
High Praise Indeed - 18 February 2014
Mr Fagan regularly treats back and neck problems in his colleagues within the medical profession. These healthcare professionals have seen good results from Mr Fagan's surgery in their own patients, and are happy for him to treat themselves and their family. Here are the reasons why:
Dan Fagan is giving a lecture at BMI Woodlands Hospital Darlington at 6.30 pm next wednesday evening. He will be talking about the latest advances in spinal surgery including minimal access procedures, surgery for the elite athlete and how to do an expert assessment of low back pain in under 10 m
Complication Rates 2012-2013 - 16 September 2013
Dan Fagan is pleased to release whole practice audit figures for the year: 2012 - 2013 New patients seen 637 Follow up patients seen 1025 Total surgical procedures performed 419 Major operations performed&nb
....but are they a long term solution?" This was written in The Times last week http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/health/article3852822.eceSpinal Injections prompting enquiries from patients. Whilst a good read, the article misses the point. The truth is that spinal injections come in many differ
The movement for transparent price structures in private practice began in the USA. It makes it much easier for people who are funding their own healthcare to choose between surgeons and institutions on a basis of value for money. It also allows people to see what they are getting for their mone
Many of my patients have seen some research from Denmark reported recently in the Guardian newspaper. The original research  is published in the European Spine Journal vol 22 Issue 4 p 690-696. To explain further: this suggests that 80% of patients with modic changes (high signal in the en
SpineArt is pleased to offer another popular and successful primary care event at North House Surgery in Ripon. Catering will be provided in conjunction with BMI Healthcare. If you are a local GP in the area and wish to attend, please contact Bill Howlett my primary care Manager on 07787170956.
Daily Mail Interview - 29 April 2013
Mr Fagan has been interviewed by the Daily Mail about the great results obtained in his patients who have undergone Balloon Kyphoplasty for osteoporotic fractures (fractures due to thinning of the bones). Mr Fagans own audit includes over 100 fractures treated. The results show that 86% of patie
SpineArt is having an educational meeting and case discussion for those involved in the chiropractic treatment of back and neck pain on the 22nd April, at the Structure and Function Clinic, Duke Street, Darlington. The clinic is run by Amanda Corbishley on 01325 466 022.
Of Interest to many surgeons in private practice is the Office of Fair Trading referral to the Competition Commission, of Inpatient Medical Services in the UK. This is currently ongoing and is due to issue it's Final Report in March 2014. Preliminary Findings are due to be made soon  in Ju
SpineArt is involved in an education campaign with Medtronic to promote knowledge of how Balloon Kyphoplasty can help people with back pain, due to fractures in osteoporosis. Please look out for information in the National media from the 23rd April onwards.
William Howlett (BSc MBA) is working with Dan Fagan at SpineArt Ltd to promote awareness of alternative NHS and gold standard private healthcare services in Darlington, County Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire. If you are involved at commissioning level in a CCG, are a General Practitioner,
Dan Fagan is pleased to say that there is an educational meeting at the North House Surgery in Ripon on the 3rd May 2013. The meeting is by invitation only, but all local general practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors are welcome! You can disc
On the 18th March Mr Fagan is giving an educational meeting for a number of local doctors at Kingswood Surgery on Wetherby Road. Attendance by invitation only 07539 330360.
The long awaited guidance from NICE in this area is due for general release. Mr Fagan is participating in a National project to increase awareness of the success and availablility of the procedure for people suffering from painful fractures due to osteoporosis (thinning of the bones).
New Clinics in Yarm - 10 March 2013
Mr Fagan is delighted to be able to offer convenient consultations on the High Street in Yarm. His new practice manager is based in the office here. You can see Mr Fagan here on Tuesday afternoons, please call 07539 330360 for an appointment.
Mr Fagan has been closely involved with an international group of surgeons and physicians based primarily in Europe. The purpose of this group was to formulate guidelines for the use of vertebral body augmentation in osteoporosis. This would hopefully help clinicians in their decision making but
Mr Fagan has returned from a visit to surgeons in the USA performing advanced and innovative techniques to treat sacroiliac joint pain. Mr Fagan sees a lot of patients with this problem and many get better under his care with simple treatment. A safe new minimal access surgical procedure to fuse
Mr Fagan will no longer be offering clinic slots at The Wensleydale Suite (Friarage Hospital Northallerton). Patients from the southern end of the region will find it more convenient to book in at the BMI Duchy Hospital in Harrogate with easy parking and on site MRI facilities. Patients
Performed through a small incision, with a working portal in the back of the spine less than the size of a thumbnail, very good results are obtained in carefully selected patients. Mr Fagan has successfully performed hundreds of procedures in professional athletes, soldiers, people from all wal
Mr Fagan has been offered the opportunity to work a number of clinic and operating sessions per week in Newcastle at the Royal Victoria Hospital. The unit in Newcastle is the centre for complex spinal surgery in the whole of the North of England. The team there is excellent and he joins a numbe
From 28th August my North Yorkshire patients from York and Harrogate will have easier access to me at The Duchy Hospital, Harrogate. Location and directions to this and all my clinic locations can be found on the 'locations' link at the bottom of the web page!
Mr Fagan has elected to leave the traditional structure of the NHS after 20 years service. He has been the driving force behind the set up of Spine Art Limited, which is a company dedicated to high quality care and delivery of the best advanced spinal surgical techniques available in the World.
Mr Fagan delivered an advanced training course today to discuss his experience with a group of like minded surgeons from around the globe. South Africa was well represented as was the Middle East, Europe and Japan.
Mr Fagan has been invited to give international training to surgeons wishing to learn the technique of Balloon Kyphoplasty. Mr Fagan has successfully performed more than a hundred of these procedures with a very low complication rate and 88% success rate. That is to say; 88% of his patients have
Mr Fagan was excited at the idea of giving a radio interview today with the charity Myeloma UK (www.myeloma.org.uk). This is a condition of the bones of the spine which leads to fractures and collapse of the spine. On the interview, he explains how this can be treated successfully with Balloon K
Mr Fagan has been invited to train young consultants in these new techniques on a course at the Freeman Hospital Newcastle, along with like minded surgeons there. He has years experience of these techniques being one of the pioneers in the UK. He learned these techniques in Boston USA several ye