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We had a very successful and well-attended meeting at the BMI Woodlands hospital during the summer, to explain the treatment pathway to primary care practitioners. This included interested doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and nurse practitioners dealing with back pain on a daily basis.
Full House at the Woodlands - 21 January 2014
Dan Fagan's recent educational evening was very well received by an audience full to capacity. The whole variety of primary care practitioners came along, including GP's, Clinical Nurse Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors, all of whom deal with back problems daily.
Published last week, the guidance is very sensible. Anyone suffering persistent pain from an osteoporotic spinal fracture can seek treatment with Balloon Kyphoplasty from a specialist such as Dan Fagan. An MRI scan will usually be done which shows persistent biological activity, in other words
Spine Art in print - 14 March 2013
Dr Hillary Jones, the well known TV doctor, has chosen to include Spine Art in a group of top private medical providers in the Yorkshire and North East regions. This is due to be published soon and distributed locally, please look out for a copy.
Dan Fagan is happy to say that an agreement on expert fees with Bupa has been reached. From this week, all Bupa insured patients will have no shortfall to pay for consultations or treatment with Spine Art. Spine Art is pleased to be welcomed as a Bupa Premier Consultant Partner.
Mr Fagan is one of an elite group of UK surgeons pioneering minimal access surgery. That is to say, gold standard surgical procedures performed through smaller incisions. This means better cosmesis and a faster recovery. Mr Fagan showed in a group of 40 patients, that the average length of stay fol
Mr Fagan has been kindly invited to attend a meeting in London as one of the country's opinion leaders in vertebral body augmentation. The meeting is convened by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and its purpose is to assess whether there is enough evidence of Balloon Kyphoplasty