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Postoperative Physiotherapy

This is an example of a treatment guideline for postoperative physiotherapy. In this case a lumbar spinal fusion.
A disc fragmentectomy will progress much more quickly. All programmes are individualised.

Treatment Guideline (Example)

 Avoid all exercises that reproduce or increase the pain

Phase I: Immediate post Surgical Phase 0-4 weeks


1. Decrease pain and inflammation.
2. Increase activity tolerance.
3. Encourage wound healing.
4. Increase aerobic tolerance (independent with home program 20 minute tolerance to exercise).
5. Monitor for signs of possible infection (Rare).
6. Educate on body mechanics and posture for bed mobility


1. Prevent excessive initial mobility or stress on tissues
2. Avoid lifting, twisting, or bending of the lumbar spine for 6 weeks

Treatment Summary:

1. Education on mobility with proper spine positioning.
2. Reinforce basic post-operative home exercise program including:
a. Ankle pumps
b. Long arc and short arc quadriceps

c. Diaphragmatic breathing
d. Relaxation exercises
e. Abdominal isometric exercises
3. Increase tolerance to walking to 1 mile daily (30 min cardiovascular activity).
4. Reinforce sitting, standing with neutral spine and proper body mechanics.

Criteria for progression:

1. Pain and swelling within normal limits
2. Independent home exercise programme
3. Tolerance of 15 min of exercise and 15-30 min of cardiovascular exercise.
4. Functional activities of daily living for self-care.