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Postoperative Physiotherapy Phase II

Phase II: Initiation of Outpatient Physiotherapy 4-12 weeks
Further progression with recovery:


1.Patient education about their body and itís response and recovery to         surgery
2. Re-establish neuromuscular recruitment of the multifidus (Core back           muscles)
3. Normalization of flexibility deficits in extremities
4. Normalization of any gait (walking) deviations
5. Return to activities of daily living
6. Improve positional tolerances for return to work


1. Avoid lumbar loading
2. Avoid twisting and bending of the lumbar spine.
3. Limit lumbar extension

Treatment Summary:
        Manual Therapy: 
 Joint mobilizations for modulation of pain 
 Scar tissue mobilization.
 Soft tissue mobilization of soft tissue restrictions.


  Create independent movement of the pelvis and then find and                    maintain a neutral position of the lumbar spine.
 Diaphragmatic breathing: Proper breathing technique without the                use of accessory (chest and rib) respiratory muscles.
 Pelvic stabilization exercises with emphasis on transverse                   abdominals and multifidus (stomach muscles).
  Hip and knee flexibility exercises: this decreases stress on the         lumbar spine and makes it easier to maintain a neutral spine position 
 Initiate aquatics (if available and indicated).
 Cardiovascular training, treadmill, stationary bike 
Criteria for progression:

1. Patient has working knowledge of body and lifting mechanics.
2. Able to hold co-contraction of multifidus/transverse abdominals for 30         seconds (stomach muscles)
3. Cardiovascular tolerance to 30 min/day
4. Dynamic sitting and standing tolerance of 15-60 min