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Postoperative Care- Recovery from low back and neck surgery

Postoperative care is delivered by a number of trusted associated professionals such as nurses and physiotherapists to speed your recovery following low back (lumbar) surgery or neck (cervical) surgery.

You will likely be ready to go home the day after your operation!

Following this you will come back to the hospital for a wound check on day 3 and 1 week postoperative.

You will keep the wound dry and out of the sun. Avoid it getting sweaty.

Showering is possible with the waterproof dressings the nurses will give you.

Do NOT immerse the wound in bathwater.

You will have absorbable sutures which will slowly dissolve and do not need to be removed. They leave a nice scar.

The wound will be mainly healed by two weeks but avoid immersing it in water or a swimming pool for 4 weeks.

You will come back to see Mr Fagan at 6 weeks and depending on your surgery, you may need an X-Ray taking.

Spinal fusion and disc replacement patients may be followed up for longer.