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Low Back Rehabilitation Program

Spinal Fitness Program

Non-surgical treatment is a key part of successful management of many painful spinal conditions.
(If surgery is indicated, physiotherapy also plays a key role in recovery Ė please see postoperative physiotherapy).

Spine Art works with trusted colleagues, including Andrew Wilson, who can provide world class therapy through the following means, as part of an individualized exercise and rehabilitation program.

Postural analysis, 
Using video analysis, posture assessed in sitting stand and lying as well as during activities of daily living or sport

Muscle function tests, 
Pressure biofeedback, electromyography(EMG) static core testing and functional moment testing( in conjunction with Teesside University Sports Scientists) 

Exercise prescription,
 Aerobic exercise is an essential component of a 
good spinal rehabilitation programme and needs to be 
tailored to the individual clients needs and abilities

Core stability exercises
 Research has shown that certain muscles close to the spine require specific exercises to bring them back to full strength and function. Pilates-type exercises are used very effectively for this purpose. Typically a programme will be graduated and last 3 months on average.

Stretching programmes
 Restoring normal muscle lengths is vital following a period of back pain or after surgery. With muscle working at their optimal length you are far less likely of future spinal problems.

Acupuncture (both needle as well as laser acupuncture) 
 As a member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and having practiced acupuncture for over 20 years, Andrew specialises in trigger point acupuncture for spinal conditions. The National institute for clinical excellence specifies that a course of acupuncture should be offered in conjunction with a spinal exercise programme.

 Through Andrew, Spine Artís clients have access to the 
world-class hydrotherapy pool at Teesside University. 
Being by far the best facility of its kind in Europe,
Clients with spinal conditions can often rehabilitate quicker 
and with less discomfort in the Hydrotherapy Pool. 

Sport specific rehabilitation. 
 Following on from the spinal rehab exercise programme, sport specific exercise can be prescribed prior to return to full sport. As a consultant to premiership footballers Andrew has extensive knowledge about football rehab. Many of his clients are golfers and cricketers; here video analysis can be vital in future injury prevention. 

Ergonomic advice/ Analysis
 Andrew has an Ergonomist as part of his team. 
Work place assessments can be provided as well as advice for home.